Style of the Month: Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara Before and After

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Ombre Hair Color Technique

I’ve been seen the Ombre dyed hair back in style, yes this is the grown out roots look, dark top of the head to light bottom ends.  Here in Vancouver, it is quite popular and I think it looks gorgeous on a lot of women.



What is Ombre?

In French means shaded or graduated in tone.  The look involves darker roots which gradually become lighter as you go down the hair; giving a natural, sun-kissed look.  The dark to light effect is created by a French hair technique called balayage. With balayage the highlights are painted straight on to the hair with a brush, which give a more natural sun-bleached look; instead of the conventional foiling method used for highlights which often leave a line of demarcation.

This technique is usually a two-step process with the base color being done first and then the highlights added to clean, dry hair.

To get this look, you might have to pay upwards of $ 150 at a salon, but don’t let this scare you!  This color style is actually ideal for low maintenance ladies as it doesn’t require any upkeep after the initial visit.  Just let that hair grow out for as long as you want!

For Blondes – this look is achieved with dying your roots darker than the rest of your hair.

For Brunettes – you have a choice of either frosting your tips lighter, or darkening your roots with a deeper darker color, or both.

For Redheads – this look is achieved with lightening the tips of your hair.

Ombre with Hair Extensions

After seeing this picture of Audrina Patridge with her Ombre interpretation, I thought of how to achieve this look with hair extensions.  I’m pretty sure Audrina herself has hair extensions in for this look so really all you need is to get two or three shades lighter hair and have two weave tracks sewn at the bottom of your crown.  This way the extension hair will add length and body.


Now before you run off to get your hair done, please keep in mind there 3 BIG No No’s with Ombre

1.      Do NOT just let your roots grow out if you’re a blonde.  This is not going to get you the look, it just looks like you got lazy and stopped taking care of your hair.

Lazy Ombre Attempt

2.      Do NOT try to color your hair at home.  Even though it looks easy, this technique is very labour intensive and requires a professional colorist to make it right.  Please go to your local salon to get this done.

Sad At Home Ombre Attempt

3.      Do NOT go too dramatic with color.  Please stick to shades in your color family.  Having platinum blond ends and dyed black top or vice versa is not a good look for anyone.

Too Dramatic Ombre

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